The Rebus Puzzle Time Bandits Twill Napkin 4-Pack

$ 40
A set of four napkins.

We added rebus puzzles to these napkins to add some fun for your company while they await the roast headed their way. Each set comes with four different puzzles, collect all three versions.

A rebus (/ˈriːbəs/) is a puzzle device that combines the use of illustrated pictures with individual letters to depict words or phrases. It was a favorite form of heraldic expression used in the Middle Ages to denote surnames.

Puzzles Rated R.
(Answers on the opposite corner.)
Screw you.
Tremendous package.
Your barn door is open.

"It's evil! Don’t touch it!” - the rock in the toaster, not the plaid! Time Bandits will always be our favorite Terry Gilliam film - time-traveling dwarves, Supreme Beings, and Shelly Duvall! 

The size of a handkerchief. A bold square of plaid to remind you of the inspiration within.
Unfolded or folded, each color in the plaid boldly sparks conversations and brings discussions and cheer to your home.
Set against white, mixed with contrasting twills and plaid or matching across your table - these napkins will become your easiest decorating trick.

100% Organic cotton twill, sustainable inks and our zero waste made to order production make JCRT the environmentally friendly option for your home and always made to order, made for you.

One Size: 22” x 22”

About the size:
Like our grandfathers before us, we are rarely without a handkerchief. Therefore when table setting, we always reached for them as an alternative to the traditional napkin. Guests welcome the size as they so thoroughly shield us from food and drink while still feeling elegant and modern.
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