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The Meat is Murder Plaid Table Runner

$ 45
S: 60” x 14”
M: 90” x 14”
L: 120” x 14”

A plaid inspired by By The Smiths Meat is Murder.
This record has my favorite song Rusholme Ruffians. So... scratch my name on your arm with a fountain pen (This means you really love me). Also yes, I had the American version which also had How Soon is Now?!!! It was also the record that started it all! We were moving our record collection from the bedroom to the office and I was staring blankly at the cover when it dawned on me that I would love to have a plaid in those colors. It also proved an important point the following day when our partner Lawrence realized that we all shared a devotion for The Smiths.

Style starts at home with our bold and meaningful plaids. From Mid Century Modern to Traditional, from Farmhouse to Eclectic, these plaids and twills are the perfect way to brighten your space and tell the stories of who you are. Connecting culture and cloth. Each plaid tells a unique story through their intersecting colors and stripes bringing the inspiration to life to your space.

100% Organic cotton twill, sustainable inks and our zero waste made to order production make JCRT the environmentally friendly option for your home and always made to order, made for you.

A JCRT table runner is the simplest option to adding color and a tailored look to any table in your home.

The perfect addition to any table. Made of sustainable organic cotton with a linen feel that’s machine washable for easy care.
Mix and match with our placemats, runners and napkins for a complete look.
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