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The Overlook Plaid Flannel Double Sided Scarf

$ 75
A plaid inspired by the rug at The Overlook Hotel. The infamous hexagon rug. Like an actual hex on the poor Torrance family this rug has become synonymous with this Halloween favorite. All the more crazier when you realize Kubrick has Danny move around to different hexagons maybe referencing the game of chess Hal plays with Frank? Or is the choice of a hexagon rug to reference the “sixth” sense known as The Shining??? Originally released in 1980. The Shining is now 40 years on the shining takes on a whole new level of meaning as we all crawl out of our own year of isolation. The typewriter is our zoom - the tricycle our excer-bike - our pets staring at us like those awful twins - Netflix our personal wall of blood - fresh baked banana bread and muffins our canned food - the big monster bear in the bedroom our.. well, never mind? There was a brief moment early on in quarantine when I wondered just how quickly we as a society could devolve into a zombie apocalypse and why we don’t have an ax for such a group of cannibalistic neighbors who may come knocking on our front door(did I even lock it?). First saw this as a kid and clearly did not appreciate all of its beauty and folklore(take a look at room 237) so many Easter eggs(we are talking faked moon landing people) and all of the psychically impossible scenes(the camera moving about the first floor when the Torrance family arrive is insane). 
We now watch this movie often but not for the horror but the beauty of another Kubrick film. So enjoy the Jack, Wendy and Danny plaids as well as a halftone interpretation of the bear scene.

(Underside: New England Gray Twill)

A double sided cotton flannel scarf.
The most perfect gift for you or your favorite folks.
Super soft organic mid-weight brushed cotton - 
double layered to keep you warm and comfortable.

Measures 18” x 76”
Long enough to tie, wrap or hang down and keep you warm in the cold.

100% Organic brushed cotton flannel

Machine wash cold.
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