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The Making Of The Plaid Mix Tape

Six weeks ago, we had an idea to create plaid shirts inspired by our favorite albums.

Today, these incredible new plaids are available for sale.

See how we did it…

Fit & Finish

We make impeccably tailored plaid shirts by combining the precision of cutting-edge technology with the craftsmanship achieved only by hand cutting and sewing. The result is the absolute best value you can find on the market.

Plaid Is Who We Are

Since 1994, it has been our love and respect for the craft of making clothes that has driven us to always place tailoring and patternmaking at the forefront of who we are as creators. It is this, along with all of the detail and care that we obsessed over at Costello Tagliapietra (as well as a deep love of all things plaid) that make JCRT a brand that reflects both who we are as people as well as designers.