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Welcome To The Plaidiverse

There’s no more individual pattern on the planet than plaid. After you’ve found the right shirt, getting the fit exact makes it even more you. JCRT is the first company in the plaidiverse to apply old school, classic tailoring to plaid shirts to achieve that perfect fit. So please feel free to talk loudly and proudly about four piece split yokes and locker loops whilst wearing your shirt.

Are you Brooklyn, Portland or Wyoming?

Find the cut that’s right for you.


Our dressiest fit.
Meant to be worn tucked in.


Our most casual look.
Meant to be worn untucked.


Our most generous and versatile fit.
Can be worn tucked or untucked.


Only three people in the world know that our entire planet is made of plaid. You are the fourth. This special geometric pattern is at the heart of every living thing. Tulips have their own plaid, Morrissey has his plaid and you have your plaid. Nobody’s plaid is the same and yet plaid connects us. No matter the color or pattern, as soon as you put on your plaid you are connected to every plaid wearer out there.

Since 1994, Jeffrey Costello and Robert Tagliapietra have made it their mission to help everyone find the plaid that’s just for them and connect them to the greater plaidiverse of plaid-wearers. On top of all of that, they also apply old school tailoring techniques to get the fit just right.

That’s what we do. Now what’s your plaid?