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Who We Are

JCRT is the kinship of culture and cloth. It's where the subcultural and sartorial meet in a code of color, pattern, and craft. Co-founded by visionary creatives and award winning designers Jeffrey Costello and Robert Tagliapietra, the brand is an intersection of cutting-edge digital technology and the rich legacy of analog craftsmanship.

Jeffrey Costello

Robert Tagliapietra

This isn't just shirting. This is immaculately architected plaid drafted and designed by hand. Rather than crafting a single pattern, Jeffery employs old-world tailoring techniques perfecting patterns for each size, while Robert uses digital print innovation to transcend the limitations of thread-based plaids. Offering limited-run plaids in an inclusive range of sizes, each created sustainably producing a minimal amount of waste.

With equal parts intuition, craft, and creativity, the conception of every unique plaid is strategic with exacting symmetry and color gradients correlating to pop-cultural references from Hemmingway to David Bowie's Hunky Dory. These nostalgic configurations of lines and color unite discerning cultural connoisseurs while celebrating the unique sensibility and individuality of the wearer.

With each shirt telling a different story, customers experience the Power of the Plaid—whether it's a gateway plaid of the subtle sort or a bold statement-making tartan there is a range of plaids for every persona. The ultimate expression of high and low, the JCRT customer can stylishly wear their cultish obsessions on their hand-drafted sleeves.