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The unparalleled craft and tailoring of JCRT joins forces with the Iraq Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) for a meaningful menswear collection comprised of handcrafted camouflage plaids and JCRT’s visionary take on the print. Once meant to conceal and disguise, this capsule collection reimagines the modern uniform into proud plaids that honor those who have served. Inspired by JCRT co-founders Jeffrey and Robert’s personal experiences with family members returning home from combat, the brand chose to partner with the IAVA, the premier veteran’s advocacy and support organization. The IAVA seeks to improve the lives of veterans through policy change, public awareness, and one-on-one support, guiding our veterans back as they leave service.

The JCRT & IAVA Plaids for Peace Collection is photographed by Joaquin Trujillo and modeled by IAVA veterans who volunteered to sit for their portraits and share their experiences. It is through these stories that we begin to learn and understand the life in between the polarizing politics of today.

If it was not for him, I would not have made it through the war. I made it through the war, but he did not.

Kodi Me’Chele

During my time in the Iraq War from 2003-2005, I did lose a few friends in combat—one being my best friend. I have carried the guilt of his loss with me for many years. He was killed in combat a day before his departure home. He was my best friend and I loved him dearly. He always smiled and made me laugh. If it was not for him, I would not have made it through the war. I made it through the war, but he did not. I think about him a lot and miss him so much. He will not be forgotten.

I would like people to understand that we are still at war and people are still dying.

Victor Bohm

One day in basic military training, a fellow airman of mine sent himself a letter so that he wouldn't feel left out. When mail call came around our instructor made fun of him when he realized her sent it tohimself. The next week, half of our "flight" sent him letters and postcards because we wanted him to know that he wasn't alone.

Not everyone had the fortune to return home from war and start a family or live out future dreams. Many felt like they didn’t have the strength, support, and love to carry on.

Michael Lamon

In 2007, I was running a mission outside of Fallujah, Iraq. 15-minutes after the mission began, my vehicle hit an Improvised Explosive Device (IED). The blast was forceful enough to rupture the fuel cell of the Bradley Fighting Vehicle I was in and immediately set it on fire. Fortunately our entire crew escaped from the vehicle with minor concussions, burns, cuts, scrapes, and bruises. The vehicle, however, was destroyed beyond repair. After the Bradley Fighting Vehicle was recovered and brought back to base, I pulled the chunk of metal out of the wreckage as a memento.

The most significant people from my service are my group of brothers. We cried, laughed, and were molded into men together. We lost, loved, and fought together.

Victor Polanoco

For me, the transition back into society was smooth at first. I was happy to be free, happy to be home, and happy to be alive. However, as the reality of life settled in, so did feelings of not fitting into society's norms and the emptiness of waking up every day without my brothers and sisters in arms. I was distant and cold to childhood friends, as well as family. I felt like I could not relate to anyone but vets. As time went by, I slowly began to conform to my life out of the corps. But it hasn’t been easy—not then or now.

The Camouflage<br>Collection The Camouflage<br>Collection

The Camouflage

Meaningful menswear by JCRT for the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America.

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Empower with Plaid. All purchases from this collection will help a veteran reacclimate to civilian life. A percentage of the proceeds will go towards supporting the IAVA. We also encourage leaving direct donations to the IAVA through our website as well, through this link.