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The Dark Side of the Moon Plaid Lounge Pant

$ 70
The Dark Side of the Moon Plaid. 
This is the quintessential, queasy, quasi-emo plaid, the kind
that quickens the pulse and quakes the soul!
I'm locked in my lair,
listening to this lo-fi lament and luxuriating in each lilting lyric,
letting it linger and lap at my lonely heart.

Like a mad scientist, I meticulously magnify each melancholic melody,
making a microscope of my mind
and a scalpel of my soul, dissecting every dismal detail and delighting in my distress.

Until, suddenly, a sticky, sweet, and seductive despair sweeps over me,
like a swarm of silky spiders, weaving a web of woe around my weary frame.

And then, oh then, I become that very same Thorgerson and Powell prism,
a prism that pirouettes and plays with the purest white light,
splitting it into a plethora of prismatic hues that bounce
and boomerang around my boudoir, bathing it in a brilliant, beguiling glow.

But hold on a minute, what's that smell? 
That scent of skunky smoke? Could it be the "catnip" that's lit up
once the needle went down, sending me into a cosmic, kaleidoscopic
and comically euphoric trance?

Ah, the joys of teenage angst,
where the only things that matter are plaid, poetry, and pot!

These unisex pants are perfect for working from home or relaxed weekends like a tailored pajama pant.

Boasting convenient front side pockets and a back pocket with grosgrain trim, an elastic waistband, button fly closure and a refined straight leg fit they are as comfortable as they are functional. Made of a soft mid-weight organic cotton oxford.

Model who is 6'1" (Chest 40" - Waist 32") is wearing size medium.

XS (24”-26”)
S (27”-30”)
M (31”-34”)
L (35”-38”)
XL (39”-42”)
2X (43”-46”)
3X (47”-50”)
4X (51”-54”)
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