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The Dark Side of the Moon Camouflage T-Shirt

$ 55
The Dark Side of the Moon Camouflage.
This is the ultimate teen angst plaid. Locked in my bedroom listening to this record and dissecting each bleak track over and over until I felt a sticky sweet despair wash over me… as I slowly became that very same Thorgerson and Powell prism swallowing all of the white light beams coming through the shades and rainbow reflecting them back out across my bedroom, leaving the room full of the warm fuzzies… wait that was probably just the “catnip” that was lit up once the needle went down.

The JCRT T-Shirt. 160 GSM 95% Cotton - 5% Spandex Jersey
  • A made to order no waste T-Shirt
  • Soft, comfortable and sustainable
  • Cotton for a luxurious hand and comfort-spandex for ease
  • Rolled forward shoulders for a better fit
  • A fitted sleeve
  • Taped neck and shoulders for durability
  • Side seams for a more tailored fit
  • JCRT Logo at lower back.
  • An anchor placed under the arm as a reference to the initials tailors would at times hide within the clothing they make.
This JCRT T-Shirt Is Not A Plain T-Shirt. It Is Digital+Analog+Environmentally Sound. It Is Sustainably Printed Wasting No Ink+Minimal Fabric Loss. It Has Harmed No One+Pays Fair Wages+Employs Principled Labor Practices +It Has A Lower Carbon Footprint Than Any Other T-Shirt. Every Plaid Is A Coded Message Designed By Hand+By Us. So Take Care+Cold Wash+Dry Flat+Sleeves Up+Care About The Freedoms Of Others+The Planet+ How Your Clothes Are Made.
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