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The Fantastic Planet Camouflage Polo Shirt

$ 75
A camouflage inspired by Fantastic Planet or La Planète Sauvage for you french speaking folks. Where to begin? The score by Alain Goraguer is brilliant. The story, a bizarre allegory that speaks to racism and human rights and sadly as relevant today as it was then. I caught this late one night when I was 12. I had been watching SNL in my bedroom on one of those antenna-eared(yes with tin foil balled up on the ends) box tv sets. I had fallen asleep as usual( I never did get to see a band perform for the second time back then). I then woke up to the strangest music… it was hours later and these strange Oms and Draags and gorgeous colors were all I could see. But, back then we did not have netflix, youtube or dare I say internet… so when the movie ended I had no way of knowing what it was. Years later I came across the VHS and finally got to rent it too many times. Anyway this plaid hopefully does this movie justice as it really is special to me.

JCRT’s version of the classic polo shirt.

A medium weight polo crafted in our organic cotton pique jersey.

Breathable, soft + comfortable.

•100% organic cotton
•Three-button placket
•Short sleeves
•Machine wash, dry flat
•Level hem
•Tailored for a classic fit

Use a tape measure to find your perfect fit.
Go to your closet and grab your favorite polo.
Lay it down on any flat surface and smooth out the wrinkles.
Measure across the chest and waist of your shirt. Double those measurements and compare them to our product measurements.
To check your sleeve length have a friend measure from the center of the back neck to the shoulder tip then down the sleeve to the cuff.

Model who is 6'1" (Chest 40L - Waist 32") is wearing size medium.
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