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The Fantastic Planet Camouflage T-Shirt

$ 55
A camouflage inspired by Fantastic Planet or La Planète Sauvage for you french speaking folks. Where to begin? The score by Alain Goraguer is brilliant. The story, a bizarre allegory that speaks to racism and human rights and sadly as relevant today as it was then. I caught this late one night when I was 12. I had been watching SNL in my bedroom on one of those antenna-eared(yes with tin foil balled up on the ends) box tv sets. I had fallen asleep as usual( I never did get to see a band perform for the second time back then). I then woke up to the strangest music… it was hours later and these strange Oms and Draags and gorgeous colors were all I could see. But, back then we did not have netflix, youtube or dare I say internet… so when the movie ended I had no way of knowing what it was. Years later I came across the VHS and finally got to rent it too many times. Anyway this plaid hopefully does this movie justice as it really is special to me.

The JCRT T-Shirt. 160 GSM 95% Cotton - 5% Spandex Jersey
  • A made to order no waste T-Shirt
  • Soft, comfortable and sustainable
  • Cotton for a luxurious hand and comfort-spandex for ease
  • Rolled forward shoulders for a better fit
  • A fitted sleeve
  • Taped neck and shoulders for durability
  • Side seams for a more tailored fit
  • JCRT Logo at lower back.
  • An anchor placed under the arm as a reference to the initials tailors would at times hide within the clothing they make.
This JCRT T-Shirt Is Not A Plain T-Shirt. It Is Digital+Analog+Environmentally Sound. It Is Sustainably Printed Wasting No Ink+Minimal Fabric Loss. It Has Harmed No One+Pays Fair Wages+Employs Principled Labor Practices +It Has A Lower Carbon Footprint Than Any Other T-Shirt. Every Plaid Is A Coded Message Designed By Hand+By Us. So Take Care+Cold Wash+Dry Flat+Sleeves Up+Care About The Freedoms Of Others+The Planet+ How Your Clothes Are Made.
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